The Internet has become a prominent source for people to access medical content. They use online sources and apps to access interactive content that helps to check symptoms, assess health risks, understand diseases, find medical providers, and evaluate possible treatment options.

Studies indicate that more than 82% of online users consult online portals to search for information related to general health, serious medical conditions, or minor health problems. One in twenty searches in Google alone is related to health, leading to over 9 billion queries per month.

Nowadays, people are more aware of their personal health and believe that it is empowering to be informed . However, same studies indicate that 48% of these users remain unsatisfied with helpfulness of the information offered online. The majority states that it is hard to stay motivated for a healthy lifestyle, and need to make better use of technology to keep track of their health.

Zana Health

To help people find helpful information related to primary care and empower them to stay healthy, we are working toward an intelligent medical assistant called Zana. Primary audiences for our solution are health information seekers, but the solution can also be a valuable resource for doctors.

Zana consists of two key services: 1) Conversational Interface – an innovative way of searching for health information through dialogue, and 2) Web portal – Zana’s extensive medical knowledge available for online access within and outside the conversational interface.

The project is in the initial phase. Official kickstart will be January 2018, while we have launched the alpha version at (as of today, November 2nd, 2017) of our web-page and an A.I. ChatBot on Facebook with limited features, but with an extensive range of search in medical articles.

As the project relies heavily on Semantic Technologies, NLP and Machine Learning, it provides an opportunity to publish some nice articles as we progress in this blog.

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