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Domain Hack Sales – Digit.al sold for 5500€

In a facebook notice, Host.al, an accredited registrar for .al domains informed that the domain Digit.al was sold for 5500€. Although the name of the buyer has not been made public, the domain has changed IP to the same host...

/ June 16, 2015
Value of site XPO6.com as seen at Robotic.al

ROBOTIC.AL – The value of your website

Although none can value your website better than you, the metrics related to your site ranking and visits can provide some general insight on the value of a website. Robotic.al seemed such a good domain to be left without use...

/ April 13, 2015

.al domain hacks

A few months ago the domain soci.al was sold for 50K$ and I was wondering wethere there are any good .al domain hacks still available for registration. I know there are people looking for lists of domain hacks.

/ December 30, 2011