Sold today a domain at SEDO, to notice that I will get not more than 56% of the listed price! That is right, the fees SEDO is chargin for my domain go up to 43% and this is why.


SEDO is still an important marketplace when it comes to domain sales, but I never realized how unfair it can be when it comes to commision fees. As one can see from the image, SEDO is chargin a plain fee of 200€ for a ccTLD domain. With a sale value of 549€, the percentage of SEDO goes up to 36.43%. This is way beyond what I was expecting, a comission of 20% as noticed at the moment of signup. Seems SEDO has introduced a discriminating 200€ flat fee for certain TLDs and if you are not aware, you will end up in that list.

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