A survey by The Nielsen Company, points out that the more and more, people are trying to find information directly and specialized Health websites. The graph indicates that in 2016, while 38% of the questioned people indicated that they use a search engine to find relevant information. The same surveys indicated that 37% said that they access directly a Medical website as well.

A key factor in increasing direct access to specialized health websites is seen the exponential increase of smartphone penetration. In six years time, smartphone penetration has increased by more than 400%. With the presence of a actively engaging device such as smartphones, people are looking for more interactions online.

When it comes to Health and wellness, the quest becomes a personal journey. Personal recommendations, training plans, diets ans smart assistants are becoming  critical for businesses to engage with consumers one-to-one at basis. While each of these services can be offered on decentralized solutions, winning in this new health and wellness landscape will take collaboration across different stakeholders.

It is such a combination of different information, practices and recommendations that we see as a critical feature of our Zana A.I assistant. In our day to day training, we analyze vast amount of data so we can train and improve the relations between medical conditions and the best treatment. For 2018, we are investing in exploitation of knowledge based in nutrition and diet information. In parallel we are discussing with evaluating different partners on specific training and fitness plans (especially in the field of cardio-vascular diseases). It is an aim of the Zana A.I. to connect consumers to the right products and services that will help them live their individualized healthier life.

Even if the study of The Nielsen Company points out that Search Engines are still a prominent source for healthcare information, we see Zana A.I as a strong companion in the journey of getting and staying healthy. Have a look at our A.I assistant at Zana.com.

An article that announces the survey:  The Merging of Health, Wellness and Digital – Nielsen


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