A few months ago, these domains where priced to about 40-50$. Now the price is around 300$ with a median of 800$. Why is that?

1. Who is buying!?
Check latest players involved in transactions from llllsales.com
My stats:
I checked 566 transactions of domains sold for more than 1000$

  • There are only 294 unique users (emails) involved. (Unique Users who bought one domain for 1000$)
  • There are 349 domains sold to domainers who bought more than 1 domain.
  • There are 142 domain sold to domainers who bought more than 10 domains.

(There is a margin of error, but spend a few hours and do your own check to prove me wrong)

hat happens in domaining is all about trends. Someone dictates the game, and domainers follow. You become a domainer when you learn that you are not someone special, you are part of a flock that is lead to “trends”. You are smart if you study these trends! Few can predict the trend; in domaining the trend is always crafted.

Dictionary domains, domain hacks, generic domains, chinese chips… these are all trends. Majority of domains is owned by someone already.

Again Stats!?
There is a total of 456,976 LLLL.COM out there.
More (way more) than 110,647 LLLL.COM domains are registered to users who own more than *100* of this specific type of domain. (This is a very very minimalistic number, my data have limited GoDaddy numbers, and also missing references from many smaller registries).
Only about 50000 domains are owned by those with more than 6 (4L) domains. I am not even considering as “domainers” those who do not have 5 LLLL.Com (no disrespect, only for the sake of argument).

So is domaining a pyramid?
Here is a challenging question for you who say it is not! How many 4L domains are traded every day (easy to find)!? and what happens if one of those guys who ownes 8980 domains decides to sell them for “the profit” he is expecting/preparing one day ?
-Hint! None will sell all in one day, it will be a slow process of hopess and demand 🙂

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