Browsing through .al domains, I realized that the .al domains are being registered from almost every big corporation. Google (, Microsoft (, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay and a bunch of other companies own at least one .al domain. Some of them purchased the domains directly ( has the biggest market share when it comes to .al registration), and other have chosen to register through Domain Protecting companies such as MarkMonitor. While this might be part of a strategy to protect brands in every country, there are also some domains qualified as domain hacks which are quite a trend in the .al zone.

Matt Mullenweg of WordPress has registered and for example.
Some more projects based on .al domains: is a platform that identifies the best content from tens-of-thousands of the best online contributors and connects them to publishers or brands. The company powers fashion look-books for Teen Vogue, Zagat and Neutrogena. For Conde Nast, publisher of Teen Vogue, the platform produces ten times the editorial-quality content for 1/5th the cost of a staff editor. The platform was developed by founder Matthew Myers.(as described in TechCrunch) is the leading multivariate ad platform for Facebook and is the creation of the technology team at Optimal, Inc., based in San Francisco. Optimal, Inc. is the first advertising technology company to be both an approved Facebook Ads API Tools vendor and have built its own robust real-time bidding and audience infrastructure, integrated with all major ad inventory sources. (Cool Hack: Be.Optim.Al) provides free to play augmented reality 3D gaming content to the consumer.’s location enabled rich media platform allows brands and advertisers to engage the consumer with seamlessly integrated interactive advertising. Think Cap’n Crunch leaping off a cereal box into your iPhone to play with your kid.

A hole bunch of other domain hacks are registered in the .al zone (,,,, etc) but they are not active yet. If you know a startup or an interesting company with a .al domain, let me know: I will update this list.

Update 1: There are a few .al domains used as URL shorters: I was informed of the, and Thx Olgi for drawing attention to this category.

Update 2: is also registered and for sale no longer for sale. It can create great hacks such as

Update 3: was sold for 7500$ in June 2012

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  2. is a ripper of a hack name !

  3. Too bad is not active! They just bought it as an asset or so the competitors do not have it.

  4. Just took

    Couldn’t resist it.

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    9,140,000 global monthly search!

  8. Yes, Domain hack are really awesome it’s more into branding an d marketing than seo. That’s why big industry leading companies quickly wanted to grab this kinda domains.

    Found another 2 awesome new arrivals at on sedo

    Just added these to watch list see what’s going on.

  9. Added to my other .al hack and also took up the opportunity to acquire &

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