If you ever wondered how you can sell a domain on the internet, there are a few websites which offer a domain market-sale portal. Flippa.com is one of them.
Flippa is a domain/website sale portal. It allows anyone to create a sale listing for a domain and this listing usually runs 30 (max) days as an auctions. Therefore, there are 30 days for any domain to attract the right buyer! As one might imagine, most experienced buyers wait for the last moment to bid on a domain, so Flippa is a nice website to advertise your domain for attention, but not the one to finalize the best of sales. This blog is a reflection on the occassions you may invest to boost a domain sale in Flippa.

Flippa Domain Sale

I am not an expert in domain selling, but I have seen a few beginners going all-in in Flippa and have also done a few mistakes. So this is a reflection on the best approach to sell a domain in Flippa.

First of all, we have to understand Flippa’s advantages and drawbacks. Flippa is a domainer’s playground! This means that the website is daily visited by thousand of domainers in chase for a good domain they can resell for a higher price. Therefore, there are domains which can be sold well (if advertised adequately) and there are domains which will never sell for the value they contain. As we see, I have already categorized the domains in two groups. But, how do we know which domains fits in which catetegory!?
For the sake of this blog post I will address them, “Domains with Potential” and “Valuable Domains”.

Domains with Potential

As vague as this group might seem, think of it as those domains that if you develop, will have a potential in making a profit. But since you are unsure if it is worth the trouble of developing them, then they are just domains with potential. Some examples? Those 2 dictionary .com domains everybody speaks about. Some cool domain hack, which maybe some bold startup would use to create some viral product or your 12 year old inventory of domains which does not attract any click on the parked page. If the definition of this group seems vague, think of it as whatever you own, but does not fit in the next group. Short domains usually fit into this category.

Valuable Domain

Valuable domains are any of those domains that you own and know/envision that they have a value. Their value is shown by a potential developed website, or an end-client user-base which will need that domain. The bigger the user-base of end-clients who might need that domain (like doctor.com), the bigger the value of your domain. The clearer the vision you have for a product developed on that domain, the higher dhe value to you. This is usually the domain you are mostly attached. But still, has a value.

These are usually word-based domains, business activitiy domains, domain hacks which still have a strong brandable relation and so on.

So now that there are two categories, when to sell on Flippa and when not?

Flippa Domain Sale Review

First of all, Flippa has changed its policy last year and allows you to list any domain in your “for-sale” catalog for free (example: a list of domains for sale at Flippa). That means that anyone should take advantage of the offer and list all his domains he wants to sell. But beside the public catalog, Flippa offers the possibility to participate in Auctions where you List Your Domain for Sale for a fee. The fees differ based on the advertising package you chose.

From my personal experience, one should only place domains for sale if they fit into the “Domains with Potential” category. This is a quick way of passing your dream to another domainer and one should not expect a large valuable sums from the sale. Of course there are cases where the sale will passe 5000$ for a domain, but this is usually with rare domains which are either living a moment (a special trend like “Ship Your Enemies Glitter” https://flippa.com/3783970-20-000-in-sales-and-2-5-million-visits-in-4-days-hugely-popular-viral-site) or a Valuable Domain which whatever you are getting from Flippa, will still be under the value of selling it to an end-user. This is indeed the faster way of making some cash from your domains.

If you have a domain that has potential only once it is developed, or a domain which needs some convincing sales skills to sell, or a domain which is the trend of the moment, … then go for Flippa. If you are thinking to get some advertising, do not buy the advertising in the first day. Run a small campaign of advertising your domain on Flippa (yes, bring some traffic to Flippa). Wait and see how much traction the auction is getting, and if the first bids reach the 10% of your expected sale-price, then push the domain with some advertising.

And if you have a domain which you fill connected and would regret selling for a cheap price, do not advertise it on Flippa. Put it on a for sale price, have some patience and wait. Occasionnally contact end users which might have interest and the neccessary funds to exploit that domain better than you could. Sooner or later, a good domain will pay itself.


P.S Domain Shane has an interesting article on “Writing A Useless but Amazing Domain Name Auction

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