These are a few points written in frustration, so please understand why I feel like screaming Drupal SUCKS! Take these criticism and drupal review with a slight smile.

(This is all based on the experience with Drupal 8)

I am forced to work on Drupal on some systems here at work and first impression is: DRUPAL IS HORRIBLE, and here a list of what is wrong:

  1. Drupal is sold as a CMS, but in fact is a framework with a CMS-demo!
    Yes, it provides basic functionality that make you believe it is a CMS, but soon enough you will find out you that you cannot do much without extending it. Extending it means to reuse a. Plugins and b. Rely on Documentation on the website.
  2. Documentation is almost incomplete, inaccurate, always outdated and confusing
    Yes, you believe you found something and then jump to find out that is outdated and superseded in the current version. Or the developer of the module wrote something even he would not understand in a few minutes. More like a Perl programm that makes sense only in the 5 first seconds you wrote it.
  3. Plugins are always on beta.
    Or sometime even Alpha. And guess what, people use them! and force you to use them. By the time you need to security upgrade, the plugin is stilling degrading beta and you end up with nonfunctional websites.
  4. Modularity!? More like a sledge hammer.
    Modules are great! But use a module when there a logic to use a module. In Drupal modules are abused! Take the Migration(_plus) module for example.
    It is a module that you install once and you should use to migrate data. Logically you need to provide a mapping and invoke/trigger a migration process! In this module, illogically you need to create a new plugin for each migration and you trigger migration once you install it. If the installation goes wrong, there is no much information you can get if you screwed the mapping or if Drupal was doing something strange. And if you change the mappings, you will have to uninstall/reinstall the module again. And the process is a black-magic-box that requires a lot of effort….
  5. You want to work directly with the database!?
    Good luck with that! Assuming you might want to complete a migration process by mapping a file to database tables, you are hopeless. Drupal database is something that makes sense only through the Drupal Internal API.
  6. Server abuse!
    I turned debug on in some old Drupal 6. I was shocked to see the number of queries Drupal was sending to the database on every page view. We all agree that computing power is something cheap these days, but I have never seen a system that abuses memory and computer processing like a drupal page. There is no perception of optimization in the database interaction logic of Drupal, and most queries are expensive joint queries.

End point, I am terrified of people wanting to use Drupal! But still, there is demand and developers need to provide…


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