Diplohack Tirana is becoming an end of the year tradition lately. This is an event of co-creation and innovation, it is a hackathon focused on creating synergies between the skills of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, such as diplomats, developers, designers, and NGOs. Through collaborative and creative methods, participants explore social, institutional and/or grass-roots approaches and initiatives that can contribute to addressing a local issue with a methodology that empowers and strengthens civic governance.

Diplohack Tirana 2018 took place in Tirana (Albania) the 3rd and 4th of December 2018, organized around the theme of civic and public accountability. I was invited to participate as a member of the jury representing Albanian Institute of Sciences. I was very happy to see some strong teams gathered around ideas. While trying to define what the best team was, I took some notes that will give an overview of what happened there.

Team: Kruja
Information Resources on University
This team has brought a simple but powerful idea on stage; All you need about Universities in one place! Narrative!? Not everyone can know everything about each and one University! How do I know which University is the best for my kid/for me!?
Imagine a central website where you have quick access to all the University data. Professors they have, labs for each University, subject each University covers and metrics and altmetrics that present the ranking of each University in the country!

If I had to volunteer to help some idea become reality, this would definitely by something valuable!

Team: Korca
Openning and Preserving Open Data at Large
If you have been in a startup pitch in 2018, you have for sure seen a pitch about Blockchain! Well, this team does not mention blockchain, although they mention Decentralization of the Archive and no central authoritative point as a key feature of the system. When I heard the idea, it looked that I was hearing all about Open Data Albania, although the implementation included niches of past years such as crowd collaboration, crowd funding and decentralization! Maybe Web 4.0 really is all about citizens taking care of everything, even open data. A society where authority dies and everyone cares a bit… The idea had all the bits you need to be excited about a new idea, crowd actors who take actions, crowd who pays for sustainability, bit torrent exchange of information. This team definitely had potential, amazing people who could do great things.

Team: Shkodra
Mapping Natural Resources & Extracting Actors and Sites
Enter mining, enter data-mining! This team wants to mine all data about mining and other natural resources. Actors, policies, companies and all relations in a word of high economic impacts are valuable resource themselves! I like the idea, and what is more, I can see such a project is easily sustainable as the economic interests will be high!

Team: Vlora
They come out with a lovely project name, and a beautiful logo to be. The world Copy returns into a CopyNOT when the JO (NO) in Albanian is capitalized.
This project is the perfect vision of a policy maker; Plagiarism is not cool! Let’s make some workshops on dealing with it. We need to raise awareness, we need to handle some talks and educate the young! YES! But in a DiploHack we go beyond the Policy (I need to apologize, I am a tech person!). We love to see some technical implementation envisioned in the hackathon that can lead to a successful awareness campaign! We want something tangible, we want something beyond words! How about a tool (an App?) given to the children in elementary school and educating them what is good and what is not! Let’s start early, let’s teach what plagiarism is with a creative tech-way and not the usual workshop! Please!

Team: Durres
Umbilical Democracy
I heard about it! I was fascinated by it! Such a simple idea, such a beautiful project.. although not easy! Liquid Democracy is about delegation of authority on the voting process, but also it holds accountable those that do a mistake! This is a simple way to rule, probably a modern democracy in the age of people who know all about the Kardashians but have no idea budget spends. I am a fan already, please tell me it will work and you can really implement it.

Team: Tirana
Whistelblowers, anonym, journalists, lawyers…. Deja vu. I love practical implementations, but at least with a distinguishable innovation that makes me go WOW! Pass! Although, good job on trying to really implement something on 2 hours space!

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