Considering the exhaustion of domains on the .com zone, many people wonder what might be a good domain for their profesional profile page. This article points to .LINK Domain names as a possible candidate. Link domains where initially launched as URL Shorteners, but there is also a relation to linkedin profiles. This short blog, includes some insight into the value of firstname .com domains and presents the briefly .link (with information on registration timeline, price, activation etc). As a generic domain, .link is better than most cctld domains and can be usued in a creative way to present profesional resumes or even company profiles.

.LINK Domains

Many of us have at least once checked if their firstname or name .com is free for registration. And if you ever had a chance to register such a domain, that was in the time when domains costed 75$/year and owning a domain was still a luxury. Those firstname .com domains, became even more expensive after some time, with some names being sold for over 100,000$.

Domain Price
jasmin.com $310,250
alice.com $250,000
lela.com $100,001
dora.com $100,000
jake.com $100,000
kathy.com $65,000
violet.com $65,000
britt.com $64,980
pat.com $63,000
katie.com $62,120
jane.com $60,000
diego.com $58,830
susan.com $50,000

A more detailed list of prices at the article: What is a first name domain worth?

With the new changes in the ICAN policies, a new set of generic domains is launched. .LINK is one of these new domains and some domainers are linking  .Link domain names and LinkedIn. Normally, if you would need to share your LinkedIn profile, the URL to be used is something like http://linkedin.com/in/firstnamelastname. It makes more sense and might even provide a sense of profesionalism if users would use firstname.link to have a reference to their personal curricula or a LinkedIn Profile.

What is the price and availability of .Link domains?

.Link domains are relatively cheap. The normal registration price is about 12€, but cheaper or coupons might allow registration at more favourite prices. The statistics show that the zone is still quite unexplored, with only about 60 000 domains registered. This makes .link a very lucrative domain choice for a personal profile or linked in page.


Domain Price
Registration 12€/year
Renewal 12€/year
Restore 50€
Transfer 10€/year
Registration period
1-10 years
Registration timeline
Activation timeline <6 hours
Number of characters
Accented characters
Change of Owner free

Table with .Link domain registration info from Host.al

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