There are continously question on what a domain hack is, or if a domain is a domain hack or not.
Below is a set of categories that constitute domain hacks. If you domain fits into any of the following categories, then you have a domain hack:

Word Hack

A domain where both sides of the dot combine to form a word,

i.e. DE.AL

Dual hack

A 1-word domain that can also form another word using its extension,

i.e. (Box and Boxes)

Subdomain hack

A subdomain that forms a word across itself, the name and the extension,


Subdirectory hack

A subdirectory that forms a word across the name, the extension and itself,


Phrase hack

A domain where both sides of the dot are each a word and form a phrase,


Brandable hack

A domain where both sites of the dot form a short brandable “made up” word,

i.e. (commonly referred to as “Bitly”)

Partial subdomain hack

A subdomain that uses the subdomain and name only to work a word,


Split phrase hack

A domain where the last word in the hack is split across the dot,

i.e. CreditCa.rd

*Note: Many do not consider this a domain hack so they aren’t very highly sought.


.al domains are well known for a large number of domain hack combinations. These domains are usually cheaper than other tlds.

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