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This topic is on the series of fraudualent claims which go to form the basis of “Serb” claims on Nikola Tesla‘s ethnicity.
The evidence is both irrefutable and relevant because all serbian claims on his ethnicity are based on the following points.

Tesla’s supposed claim “I’m equally proud of my Serbian origin and my Croatian homeland”

– Crown “evidence” that Tesla considered himself and was Serb are telegrams that he and a Croatian politician Dr.Vladko Macek alledgely exchanged in 1936. In the first telegram send to Nikola Tesla by the leader of strongest Croatian political party HSS ( Croatian Peasant Party ) Dr.Vladko Macek on May 25th 1936, Dr.Macek allegedly wrote as follows:

“To a great son of Serbian nation and Croatian homeland, leader of the mankind in struggle against the nature congratulation in the name of Croatian people”

Dr. Macek supposed telegram

Dr. Macek supposed telegram

Not a word for what his congratulations are for?

It has been alleged that Dr. Macek first sent a congratulatory telegram to Tesla, possibly on the occasion of Tesla’s birthday, which Tesla allegedly answered, but the problem with this is that this telegram is dated May 26th and Tesla’s birthday is/was on July 10th.

Alternative allegation was that Dr.Macek congratulated Tesla on some of his latest great inventions, but latest Tesla patented invention was from year 1928, eight years earlier. Pretty late congratulation isn’t it ? By the time of this alleged telegrams Tesla was 80 years old and his fertile inventions and science day were long gone. He lived the last ten years (1933-1943) of his life in a two-room suite on the 33rd floor of the hotel New Yorker, room 3327. There, near the end of his life, Tesla showed signs of encroaching mental illness, claiming to be visited by a specific white pigeon daily. Several biographers note that Tesla viewed the death of the pigeon as a “final blow” to himself and his work.

Also in that year Tesla didn’t receive any award or any other important sign of recognition for his work. So why the hell did Macek congratulate Tesla exactly then? That was never explained.

One might ask, where is the alleged telegram that Dr. Macek sent to Tesla ? We only have this “photo” but the original was never shown publicly, if it actually even EXISTS.

Second interesting question was why Tesla never ever mentioned such a telegram during his life. Dr. Macek also never said or wrote a word about “these telegrams”, not even in his biography published in 1956.

In fact these alleged telegrams were “discovered” only after both participants, Tesla and Macek were dead and could not either confirm or denie the authenticity of these telegrams.

And it is however very interesting that supposed Dr. Macek’s telegram has some missing parts. For instance there is no stamp imprint that this alleged telegram was ever received, and also it is not signed by anybody while RCA radiograms from that time ( like all received telegrams ) had to be signed by the receiver. Yet this is not the case with alleged Dr. Macek’s radiogram to Tesla. Below are two pictures to compare authentic RCA radiogram from that time and this quite obvious forgery. Because alleged Macek’s radiogram was obviously never received.


Image 1. “RCA radiogram” which Dr Macek allegedly send to Nikola Tesla”…

Dr. Macek supposed telegram

Dr. Macek supposed telegram

Image 2. “Original random RCA radiogram from 1940 “

A standard telegram of that time

A standard telegram of that time

Tesla allegedly answered next day, May 26th 1936. And he “wrote” the famous words which are taken for granted and repeated like mantra in which nobody dares to doubt:

“I’m equally proud of my Serbian origin and my Croatian homeland. Long live all Yugoslavs.”

Tesla's alleged reply telegram to Dr. Macek

Tesla’s alleged reply telegram to Dr. Macek

These words become dogma which served as the ultimate evidence that Nikola Tesla was indeed a Serb.

Yet there are many interesting questions about this “telegram” allegedly sent from Nikola Tesla to Dr. Vlatko Macek in 1936 which leads us to conclusion that it is just a simple fake because it does not have the distinguishing characteristics of a received telegram. Below is how a 1936 Western Union telegram looks. The example has been chosen randomly from a website about telegram history ( )

A standard telegram

A standard telegram

In the textbox at top left of authentic telegram it states, “Class of Service”. This is a full-rate Telegram or Cablegram unless its deferred character is indicated by a suitable symbol above or preceding the address.” In textbox at top right of authentic telegram, sent and received, an explanation of the symbols used in the message appears. Note, as part of the body of the message a symbolic code appears, the originating address, the class of service and time. There are no lines on this form.

The photo which contains an alleged message by Nikola Tesla is an APPLICATION TO SEND A TELEGRAM, not a telegram. The alleged message in ticker tape, including telegraphic equal symbols, has been glued onto an Application form in order to make it appear as an authentic telegram, but missing are the symbols which refer to the location and origin of the sender. In textbox at top left of Application form the sender is instructed to indicate how he wants the telegram or cable to be sent by listing classes of service, for example, Day Letter, Night Letter, etc. In textbox at top right of Application form details about payment appear. Above the message it states, “Send the following message, subject to the terms on back hereof, which are hereby agreed to.” At bottom of Application it states, “Senders address for reference. The quickest, surest and safest way to send money is by telegraph or cable. Sender’s telephone number.”

Telegram Applications would normally be in handwriting or typewritten on the lines provided, and applicants would not use ticker tape which blocks out those lines, nor would applicants use the equals sign (=). In the case of this document there is no distinguishing symbol as to the origin of the alleged telegram, no registration symbol showing from where it was sent or which Class of Service, and at what time. The only mark on the telegram is a Nikola Tesla Museum stamp ( this particular museum is in Belgrade, which has handed it to the NY Tesla Society for use ). The alleged telegram addressed to Dr. Macek in Zagreb was not received in Zagreb because it would appear on an official Yugoslav header with Latin and Cyrillic writing on the top, and not on a Western Union form. There is no way to verify where the message came from.

All that can be seen better on these pictures. Go to Google Images for countless examples

Everyone who looks at these telegrams will notice that they all have same elements. All but one, the alleged Tesla telegram. It is more than obvious that this “telegram” is forgery probably created by Savo Kosanovic, Tesla’s nephew, high ranking Yugoslav communist official and self-proclaimed main “interpreter” of Tesla’s thoughts and supplier of “unknown documents” from Tesla’s life.

But why should anybody want to falsify such documents?

First of all Tesla’s worldwide glory was ideal for spreading communist propaganda. And phrase “Serbian origins and Croatian homeland” of “Greatest son of our people ( beside Tito himself, of course )” was absolutely in accordance with basic communist policy called “bratstvo i jedinstvo naroda i narodnosti” ( Brotherhood and unity of our nation and ethnic minorities ) which was in very foundation of Tito’s policy. Combination of Serbian organs and Croatian homeland was ideal to seal forced “brotherhood” between the two largest ex-Yu nations in Croats and Serbs.

And off course, convenient circumstance was that this “telegrams” clearly claimed that most famous “Yugoslavian” beside Tito, was none the less a Serb after all. Naturally, this historical forgery was repeated millions of times in every possible occasion so most of people have accepted it as a truth. Serbs got one of greatest scientific minds and Croats also get some leftovers, comforting price -shallow “my Croatian homeland” phrase. Only difference is that it is absolutely without any doubt that Croatia actually was his homeland where he and his forefathers were born ( although he didn’t care about it at all ), while there are very strong arguments that ethnically he wasn’t of Serb origins ( for which he didn’t care either ).

I wrote so much about this alleged telegrams only because they are taken as by far most important piece of evidence that Nikola Tesla was ethnic Serb and that he considered himself a Serb patriot, what is very doubtful and absolutely unproven until now. And that is why forgeries like this were needed. Simply to enforce one more shameful historic lie.

And last but not least is a photo of Nikola Tesla dressed in traditional clothing but of course it is not by any strech of imagination a serbian outfit.

Nikolla Tesla

Nikolla Tesla

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