What is a domain hack!?

There are continously question on what a domain hack is, or if a domain is a domain hack or not.
Below is a set of categories that constitute domain hacks. If you domain fits into any of the following categories, then you have a domain hack:

Word Hack

A domain where both sides of the dot combine to form a word,

i.e. DE.AL

Dual hack

A 1-word domain that can also form another word using its extension,

i.e. Box.es (Box and Boxes)

Subdomain hack

A subdomain that forms a word across itself, the name and the extension,

i.e. my.ide.al

Subdirectory hack

A subdirectory that forms a word across the name, the extension and itself,

i.e. digit.al/library

Phrase hack

A domain where both sides of the dot are each a word and form a phrase,

i.e. Help.me

Brandable hack

A domain where both sites of the dot form a short brandable “made up” word,

i.e. Bit.ly (commonly referred to as “Bitly”)

Partial subdomain hack

A subdomain that uses the subdomain and name only to work a word,

i.e. Ma.gnolia.com

Split phrase hack

A domain where the last word in the hack is split across the dot,

i.e. CreditCa.rd

*Note: Many do not consider this a domain hack so they aren’t very highly sought.


.al domains are well known for a large number of domain hack combinations. These domains are usually cheaper than other tlds.

SO.CI.AL, SPE.CI.AL, OFFI.CI.AL, and many others subdomain hacks on sale.

Ever heard a salesman scream: Buy 1, Get 2!?
Well actually with this domain, you buy one and you get at least 10… domain hacks!

The short domain CI.AL has been placed for sale on a Flippa Auction.

What makes this domain so special, is the combination of English word domain hacks which can be created based on this name. A domain hack is a domain name that suggests a word, phrase, or name when concatenating two or more adjacent levels of that domain. In this case, CI.AL can serve as second level to many combinations which form a set of interesting English Words.

  • SO.CI.AL
  • RA.CI.AL
  • FA.CI.AL

The list below includes just a few of domain hacks which are based on ci.al. Someone with experience in domain hacks sales, will not miss the reference to SOCI.AL, a domain hack which as sold for 50,000$ a few years back to Meet.Me. Seems that CI.AL can create a more orthodox and interesting domain as in SO.CI.AL

But why should one use a domain hack!?

Domain hacks are for the bold and for those who provide memorable services in internet.
Some of the most succesful initiatives on internet have relied on domain hacks including:

  • Instagr.am
  • Chee.rs
  • Famo.us
  • Grou.ps
  • Bit.ly
  • Adf.ly
  • Del.icio.us
  • Indoo.rs
  • Instant.ly
  • Who.is
  • Pea.rs
  • Mov.ie
  • Illustrato.rs
  • Trib.al
  • YouTu.Be
  • etc

The price for domain hacks is also quite high depending on the value of the hack-terms:

  • Local.ly sold to Infor for $100,000
  • Me.ga sold to Kim Dotcom for $98,800
  • E.co sold to B52 Media for $81,000
  • T.ag sold to Kinetic Fin for $60,000
  • Soci.al sold to (Meet.me) for $50,000
  • Ma.de sold to Made Innovative for $25,000
  • Gr.ee sold to GREE for $25,000
  • Aweso.me sold to Theorydot for $24,189
  • Rep.ly sold to Social Media Ltd for $22,050
  • Love.ly sold to Quotidian Ventures for $20,000
  • K.im sold to Kim Dotcom for $20,000
  • futu.re sold to russian sci-fi author Dmitry Glukhovsky for $20,000
  • Gr.am sold to HP for for $18,000
  • Ae.ro sold to AeroFS for $10,000
  • Kro.me sold to Google for $10,000

And since we are discussing a .al domain, these are some prominent sales in this ccTLD.

  • Soci.al $50,000
  • Origin.al $20,000
  • Booking.al $12,000
  • Mur.al $10,000
  • LivingSoci.al €8,500
  • Sport.al €7,500
  • Loc.al x,xxx$
  • Port.al $5,000

Domaining is definitely a very interesting business. If you are up for a challenge, have some, own a piece of internet, own some virtual property, register a .al domain today ☺