Although none can value your website better than you, the metrics related to your site ranking and visits can provide some general insight on the value of a website. seemed such a good domain to be left without use therefore I installed a simple script providing information on a fictive value of the website.

What is  my website worth!?

The service will check for your Traffic Stats including Daily Unique Visitors, Daily Page Views  and a foreseen Daily Profit. Interesting is also the Search Engines Index Stats which includes information from Google And Bing Index. As the web is becoming more social, and Google is advocating for Social interactions in websites as a mean for ranking valuation, a list of the main social networks links to a domain is also fetched. Combined with statistics of Alexa, ROBOTIC.AL will tell you what your site is worth 🙂

While we believe we know all the metrics that influece our websites, there are a few we keep forgetting. If you have a site, added it to and check the metrics for insights and improvements.

And if you like the domain and site so much, let me know. might be on sale 🙂


Posted by xpo6

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