.al domains , DOT.AL offline

Apparently one of the websites that offered .al domain registrations, www.dot.al is down since 2-3 days. While this is a problem isolated in an irresponsible behaviour of small business owner, the issue should be avoided in the future. Assuming you are a domain owner and have registered a domain through dot.al, have a look at […]

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Website Traffic vs Google Rank

While reading an article on the ways to promote original content, I went back to my early days as a webmaster when search engines were one of the ways to create traffic, and not the reason to create websites. As simple as it is, we should focus our efforts on traffic creation and not just […]

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Domain Hack Sales – Digit.al sold for 5500€


In a facebook notice, Host.al, an accredited registrar for .al domains informed that the domain Digit.al was sold for 5500€. Although the name of the buyer has not been made public, the domain has changed IP to the same host provider as digitaltape.com, a UK Manufacturer & Provider of Digital LED Lighting Solutions. The .al […]

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Value of LLLL CN Domains

Abstract (or tl;dr;) I contacted and received offers by all the owners of (LL)CN.COM domains and bought one. The article points to some figures in the valuation of (LL)CN.COM domains by their actual owners.The domain range is from 840$-109.000$   LLLL CN Domains A few weeks ago I was reading about the increase of market […]

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Metada etymology and roots

I like discovering the etymology of words in some cases, and recently, while writing my dissertation I find myself doing this more often (especially when I am not motivated enough to contribute to my own work). The word I was hunting today was metadata, a term which is commonly understood as data about data. Checking […]

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Inima.al still indexed in top for .al domains

It is interesting to see that Google preserves a history of website rankings. INIMA.AL used to be the registrar for .al domains, and it is still listed as one of the best results in the search results. Sometime in the 90s, the central authority responsibility was delegated to INIMA, an Albanian Institute of Applied Mathematics. […]

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Backorder and register expired .al domains

.al domains are still one of the coolest ccTLDs when it come to domain hacks. The .al ending can create hack domains in English, Turkish and Pakistani daily words. As many good domains are expired, a lot of old domains become available every day. To allow the users registrater dropped domains, Expireddomains.al and expiring.al are […]

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Was Nikola Tesla a Serbian?

Nikolla Tesla

By Raimonda A Rreci This topic is on the series of fraudualent claims which go to form the basis of “Serb” claims on Nikola Tesla‘s ethnicity. The evidence is both irrefutable and relevant because all serbian claims on his ethnicity are based on the following points. Tesla’s supposed claim “I’m equally proud of my Serbian […]

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ROBOTIC.AL – The value of your website

Value of site XPO6.com as seen at Robotic.al

Although none can value your website better than you, the metrics related to your site ranking and visits can provide some general insight on the value of a website. Robotic.al seemed such a good domain to be left without use therefore I installed a simple script providing information on a fictive value of the website. […]

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Groovy/Grails Recursive Function/Closure

Since I keep waisting time in recursive functions (and forget what I developped a few months back), here is a piece of code for a recursive function in Groovy. def getAllChildren(entityId) { //Container for the results def results = [] //Retrieve your first element from somewhere def entity = entityService.getEntity(entityId) if (entity) { results.add([entity.id,entity.label]) entity.children?.each […]

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