While doing some routine boredom visits on websites in social media, I realized something peculiar. The company I used to work has a FB page with over 170K followers. While I still have some access on their information channels, I realized that the visibility of a post on their FB page was very low. I checked the latest posts and it was never mora than 1000-4000 visitors and (almost?) never more than that!!

This seemed strange, especially since even my stream of statuses have been hiding their info for some time. I had to test if this makes any sense for other smaller pages as well.

So I decided to compare the reach and attraction of 2 different pages, a big and a small one. Just had to find a smaller page with same profile and see what happens. So I recalled an old friend who is a Radio Moderator and has a FB Profile (there is no Radio moderator without a FB Page as I know). I knew he would have a couple hundred of visitors. All I needed to do was to follow his statuses and launch a similar status for the FB Page with 170K visitors. He had a 10K followers! Great for my test.

So at a certain moment of the day, the Page with 10K followers pushed a status with a poll which definitely would attract attention since it was referring to a hot topic! As we had discussed we launched that same status on the page with 170K visitors and the results was astonishing! The 10K page had double the visibility of the 170K page… This had to be wrong! This virtual world of FB does not respect its own rules!

This probably is not new to many social media experts. I found out that this thing has been going on for some time. I found it totally unacceptable!

People join Facebook with the attention to follow their friends, or the prominent activities (such as FB Pages) which have information relevant for them. Some might say that Facebook and social media is about following people! I have a different perspective, we use Social Media to get new relevant information.
And if we decide that a certain source of information is relevant for us, than this is what we expect to follow. This is the promise where social media’s where born upon! You follow who you are interested! This is the never-written promise that made social media pages popular (and the vanity of our souls of course)!

Yes! I know what some might be thinking! A page which made it to 170K visitors did not made it by posting one status in 3 days! They did so by posting 10-20-30 statuses per day.

But it is up to the followers to decide if these statuses are becoming boring or not. Believe me, we all have removed people who post irrelevant noise on the social sites from our following streams… It is also expected that FB wants to tweak their algorithm to provide visibility to new pages as well. But this changes should not be discriminating… Especially to portals which have a lot of followers. Unless Facebook categorizes these pages as potential buyer for their ad system, and we are in another dirty discussion…


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