I have been wondering since some time on who is giving away my email for spam ideals. It is impossible to have an email where you don’t get a new offer from companies you never heard and sometimes that embarras you. On the other hand, I would like to know always which one are the scammy companies that sell my email to third parties.

I thought of a possible way of tracing this process and the solution is simple and elegant. I register a new domain, something like my name or surname and do a forward of any email to another account of mine. Something like *@mynamedomain.com forward to [email protected] or whatever you please.

Whenever I register in a new website, I give as registration email the following [email protected] (example [email protected]). This way, I can always track who gives away my email and black-list forever scammy companies. It is a simple method, but quite efficient to recognize spammers and ignore them.

Another method related to Gmail was mentioned by Flamur (@oxodesign):

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