Coworking is a practice which has gained traction in the last years in every corner of the world. From San Francisco to New York, to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin and Tokyo, the young generation is becoming part of an agile working experience. Coworking is a style of work that involves a  shared working environment, often a cool office, and independent activity. The practice is well known among lean startups and freelancers who choose the commodity of an office but still prefer a loose style of work.

It is impossible to find a metropol without at least a few coworking place, and as one might expect Tirana is no different. Just a few days back, was launched as the first coworking space in Tirana. The targeted audience is oriented toward freelancers and IT startup geeks, but other professionists are also invited. The difference from other offices for rent is not only the price, but also the comfort, the focus on a high speed IT infrastructure, the social interactions and still the availability of quiet meeting rooms, relaxing lounges or entertaining corners.

So, after a visit to the, here is a list of benefits in working at a coworking space:

Modern workplaces

When you are passionate about something, you do not really worry about the place you work, but those little successes of us are also defined by the place we spent our time. While you might rent an apartment for your quite coding corner, working in a modern workplace gives a great sense of satisfaction and contempt.

Great location in the center of Tirana

Traffic is a problem!? Transportation? All these worries go away if the location is situated somewhere easily accessible. MyOffice’Al is located in a very strategic location, just a few meters from the Central Train Station, near to the Zogu I Bulevard and with access to the small city ring. It is close to the centre of the city, but also easily accessible being not far from the national highways which connect Tirana to the northern and south-western cities.

No Contract Obligation

Tied up by a contract you don’t need, or paying months in advance in your rental office!? Not a concern with a Co-Working Space. At MyOffice’Al there are no contracts restricting you, you can use the spaces on daily, weekly or monthly bases. Basically, you pay for what you use,  and when you use it.

Cheap Office Rent also for your team

I remembered when I started my first business venture. I was one, and soon we grew into a team of three, but still it was too soon for us to afford 1000m² offices in Tirana. With a coworking space, you can start small and grow gradually. In case of MyOffice’Al, you can have an office for rent for your team, or even share the coworking space and make use of the meeting rooms for sprints and other team collaboration activities. The Meeting room is for free and it is great considering it is equipped with teleconferencing devices.

Bar and Entertainment Room

And it is not all about endless hours of working! We need to enjoy some relaxed moments in between and for this reason there is a Bar and an Entertainment lounge for any member of MyOffice. This is a great chance to engage in conversations with other freelancers and do some networking. The social aspects and the diversity of the people in our life is something we should value the most. It is them who allow us to improve our understandings and experience of a colourful world.

Convenient and flexible prices; various membership plans

And the last, but not least, is the flexibility of the prices! The prices have been designed to be convenient for anyone, from freelancers looking for a temporary office, to the lawyers who need a quiet office where they bring their work. One can chose from a daily ticket, and extend it to a weekly, monthly or even yearly to exploit the best price! Whatever the need, there will be a negotiation to help anyone jump on board.

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