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Zana A.I – A solution that helps you get and stay healthy

The Internet has become a prominent source for people to access medical content. They use online sources and apps to access interactive content that helps to check symptoms, assess health risks, understand diseases, find medical providers, and evaluate possible treatment...

/ November 3, 2017

HE.AL Project Goals

Discourse is a new software to be provided for free and as a cloud service by the company behind stack overflow. While browsing on the project itself, I could not stop from checking the features of the application to be...

/ January 19, 2015

The 7 minute StartUp Pitch deck

A StartUp Pitch should be no longer than 7 minutes! Not even 11 minutes! Has to be the magic, infinite number 7! I say infinite because in some cultures, including my own the number 7 conceptualizes somehow an infinity. You...

/ July 3, 2014