ZF2 – Sharing and reusing DB connection for dummies

(Post has been updated after comment from Flamur on a unneccessary code in Module/Module.php) While we were used to pass the DB-Connection to a Register or later this practice was improved by retrieving it from the Bootstrap in Zend Framework 1, the ZF2 has a new service layer which looks like a new commodity. I […]

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Implementing a Canonical URL with Zend Framework

Unique - Courtesy Irina Souiki

Google and the other search engines are trying to convince the webmasters to use the “what so called” Canonical URLs. The Canonical URLs will help the search engines distinguish the dublicated content which comes from different calls on the same domain.

The Canonical URL is just a simple “link tag” added to the header of your page. This link gives the owner of the page the power to tell Search Engines which one is his favourite URL for his page.

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