DATALHUB a digital data repository and an alternative to CKAN

This user guide covers using DATALHUB’s web interface to organize, publish and find datasets and digital assets. Datasets and resources The DATALHUB is oriented toward the concept of a Dataset *and a *Datum. A Dataset is a (digital) Data Container. This may be a structure that describes and provides some metadata on digital assets. As […]

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Groovy/Grails Recursive Function/Closure

Since I keep waisting time in recursive functions (and forget what I developped a few months back), here is a piece of code for a recursive function in Groovy. def getAllChildren(entityId) { //Container for the results def results = [] //Retrieve your first element from somewhere def entity = entityService.getEntity(entityId) if (entity) { results.add([,entity.label]) entity.children?.each […]

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Handling Exceptions in Grails

Improve error handling – Exceptions The following document is a brief walk through to Exception Handling "Grails controllers support a simple mechanism for declarative exception handling. If a controller declares a method that accepts a single argument and the argument type is java.lang.Exception or some subclass of java.lang.Exception, that method will be invoked any time […]

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