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CSS Frameworks

Below is an extensive list of CSS Frameworks that can be used to develop webpages. Although Twitter Bootstrap is one of the most recognized frameworks today, the list includes some very nice projects which are all worth keeping an eye...

/ March 1, 2013

How to know which company is distributing your email to spammers

I have been wondering since some time on who is giving away my email for spam ideals. It is impossible to have an email where you don’t get a new offer from companies you never heard and sometimes that embarras...

/ July 27, 2012

ZF2 – Sharing and reusing DB connection for dummies

(Post has been updated after comment from Flamur on a unneccessary code in Module/Module.php) While we were used to pass the DB-Connection to a Register or later this practice was improved by retrieving it from the Bootstrap in Zend Framework...

/ July 20, 2012

Little countries, big domains

Browsing through .al domains, I realized that the .al domains are being registered from almost every big corporation. Google (, Microsoft (, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay and a bunch of other companies own at least one .al domain. Some of them...

/ April 18, 2012

Tirana Startup Weekend

Nese po lexoni kete lajm, qofte nga nje lidhje e Twitter, Facebook apo direkt tek faqja e internetit, atehere duhet patjeter te regjistroheni tek Tirana Startup Weekend 2012. Nuk ka rendesi profesioni juaj, nuk ka rendesi ne jeni akoma student...

/ April 16, 2012


While it looks that all the development tools dealing with RDF and SPARQL are pretty much Java Oriented, there are also some nice libraries and tools that can help any ‘PHP lover’ easily test and start working with simple RDF...

/ March 28, 2012

OpenDNS vs. Google DNS vs. Norton DNS

There are a few posts around the internet aiming to push users to change their DNS for faster internet experience. Although this might be true in very (very) few cases, I believe the closest DNS server to you, are the...

/ March 26, 2012

Crazy sales on "Social" domains

There are still those thinking that domains are being overestimated. And yet another domain sale that hits the record. was sold for 228,600$ on NameJet. This may be considered a big sale, but it is still less then 10% ...

/ March 25, 2012

.al domain hacks

A few months ago the domain was sold for 50K$ and I was wondering wethere there are any good .al domain hacks still available for registration. I know there are people looking for lists of domain hacks.

/ December 30, 2011

SQL vs noSQL

There is an interesting discussion around on wether we should stick by the old Relational Databases or go with the new hype of noSQL. noSQL looks very interesting in the fact that it does not use as much resources as...

/ September 8, 2010