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Backorder and register expired .al domains

.al domains are still one of the coolest ccTLDs when it come to domain hacks. The .al ending can create hack domains in English, Turkish and Pakistani daily words. As many good domains are expired, a lot of old domains...

/ April 15, 2015
Nikolla Tesla

Was Nikola Tesla a Serbian?

By Raimonda A Rreci This topic is on the series of fraudualent claims which go to form the basis of “Serb” claims on Nikola Tesla‘s ethnicity. The evidence is both irrefutable and relevant because all serbian claims on his ethnicity...

/ April 13, 2015
Value of site as seen at

ROBOTIC.AL – The value of your website

Although none can value your website better than you, the metrics related to your site ranking and visits can provide some general insight on the value of a website. seemed such a good domain to be left without use...

/ April 13, 2015

Groovy/Grails Recursive Function/Closure

Since I keep waisting time in recursive functions (and forget what I developped a few months back), here is a piece of code for a recursive function in Groovy. def getAllChildren(entityId) { //Container for the results def results = []...

/ April 7, 2015
Co-working spaces in Tirana, Albania. Cheap rent office, small officess for affordable price

CoWorking Space in Tirana

Coworking is a practice which has gained traction in the last years in every corner of the world. From San Francisco to New York, to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin and Tokyo, the young generation is becoming part of an agile working...

/ March 30, 2015

The forgotten act of donating

Every day we use a set of services and tools which are given to us for free! Some of them are really free, and some of them are some luring marketing technique. We are being used to the idea of...

/ March 4, 2015 for Sale on Flippa

Checking the list of the domain hacks in the Flippa Market Place and could not miss the fact that was listed in the top spot. While the domain hack trends in somehow on decline due to (arbitrary) decisions related...

/ February 21, 2015

Flippa Review or When to Use Flippa to Sell My Domain

If you ever wondered how you can sell a domain on the internet, there are a few websites which offer a domain market-sale portal. is one of them. Flippa is a domain/website sale portal. It allows anyone to create...

/ February 17, 2015

Yourname .com is taken!? A .LINK domain might be the perfect choice

Abstract Considering the exhaustion of domains on the .com zone, many people wonder what might be a good domain for their profesional profile page. This article points to .LINK Domain names as a possible candidate. Link domains where initially launched...

/ February 9, 2015

Find disk usage for a domain in CPanel

If a domain has exceeded the allocated quota, but the check on its main directories do not reflect the correct space occupied, most probably is a problem of other directories which are located somewhere else but do have the same...

/ January 29, 2015