DATALHUB a digital data repository and an alternative to CKAN


This user guide covers using DATALHUB’s web interface to organize, publish and find datasets and digital assets. Datasets and resources The DATALHUB is oriented toward the concept of a Dataset *and a *Datum. A Dataset is a (digital) Data Container. This may be a structure that describes and provides some metadata on digital assets. As […]

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What is a domain hack!?


There are continously question on what a domain hack is, or if a domain is a domain hack or not. Below is a set of categories that constitute domain hacks. If you domain fits into any of the following categories, then you have a domain hack: Word Hack A domain where both sides of the […]

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LLLL.Com Domains – Who is buying them!?


A few months ago, these domains where priced to about 40-50$. Now the price is around 300$ with a median of 800$. Why is that? 1. Who is buying!? Check latest players involved in transactions from My stats: I checked 566 transactions of domains sold for more than 1000$ There are only 294 unique […]

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.al domains , DOT.AL offline

Apparently one of the websites that offered .al domain registrations, is down since 2-3 days. While this is a problem isolated in an irresponsible behaviour of small business owner, the issue should be avoided in the future. Assuming you are a domain owner and have registered a domain through, have a look at […]

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Website Traffic vs Google Rank


While reading an article on the ways to promote original content, I went back to my early days as a webmaster when search engines were one of the ways to create traffic, and not the reason to create websites. As simple as it is, we should focus our efforts on traffic creation and not just […]

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Domain Hack Sales – sold for 5500€


In a facebook notice,, an accredited registrar for .al domains informed that the domain was sold for 5500€. Although the name of the buyer has not been made public, the domain has changed IP to the same host provider as, a UK Manufacturer & Provider of Digital LED Lighting Solutions. The .al […]

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Value of LLLL CN Domains


Abstract (or tl;dr;) I contacted and received offers by all the owners of (LL)CN.COM domains and bought one. The article points to some figures in the valuation of (LL)CN.COM domains by their actual owners.The domain range is from 840$-109.000$   LLLL CN Domains A few weeks ago I was reading about the increase of market […]

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